Since inception, Infoline LLC is complying with His Majesty the Sultan’s directive to develop and employ Omani youth. Infoline LLC has put Oman and Omanisation at the top of its priorities and this policy has paved its way for achieving tangible results.

Infoline LLC has been honoured by the Ministry of Manpower for the commitment and achievement in Omanisation. It pursues a comprehensive and continuous plan to develop Omani skills. The HR initiatives of the company are integral to the business strategies and provide a competitive edge.

Infoline LLC introduced the concept of third party outsourcing in Oman, thereby generating considerable employment opportunities for Omani Nationals. Through extensive training and mentoring Infoline LLC is creating a pool of talented and skilled resources that are later absorbed by the company itself or by other government and private organizations. In the last nine years, Infoline LLC has trained more than 1800 nationals who have found gainful employment thereafter. Infoline LLC’s HR practices focus on creating, nurturing and supporting people to meet the ambitious growth plans of the company, through a wide variety of initiatives that cover all stages of employee life cycle. They train and hone the skills of their Omani staff. They have established incentive schemes that help improve performance and productivity of their staff.

The company’s Omanisation level presently exceeds the prescribed limit set by the regulatory authorities.

Infoline LLC has been continuously adopting the above strategy while providing services to its customers. We are committed to take forward our Omanisation Policy in our future upcoming projects as well.